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P&PM is a special expertise consultancy
for the digitalization of your products´ lifecycle.
Our focus topics are:
>> PLM Business & IT Advisory
>> PLM Architecture & Transformation
>> Operational Excellence for Embedded Software


P&PM designs and implements customer specific add on solutions
as well as SaaS - Software as a Service - applications
for PLM using latest cloud & low code technologies  -
integrated to your existing process and IT landscape:
>> PLM SaaS Apps 
>> PLM Cloud Native Apps


Custom & Ready to Run PLM Apps

Program Manufactory  


Operational Excellence for Embedded Software


P&PM is a special expertise consultancy which designs and implements solutions to manage Embedded Software across its lifecycle. We help you to find the right business, data and IT architecture for Embedded Software Management. 

Our focus is on the integration of operations in Production and Service. 


End-To-End Architecture Design for the Digital Thread of Embedded Software 

System Integration / Add Ons for ALM / PLM / ERP especially for SAP as well as Flash Stations & IIoT Solutions

Full Stack Application Development for Diagnostic Data Services leveraging Cloud Native & Low Code Technology


Embedded Software drives innovation speed and customer recognition of your products & assets.


Software enables diverse features that make products and assets significantly more valuable. Without embedded software, a product is rarely competitive.

Embedded Software is key enabler for Digitalization and IIoT.


Having significant impact on the product´s performance, embedded software needs to be fully controlled along the value chain.

Challenges come along with the need to manage software parameterizations - integrated to the overall variant management - and software compatibilities.

Special challenges result also from traceability demands and software distribution processes.


Managing Embedded Software from Engineering to Production to Service becomes a key capability.


Digital Thread for Embedded Software

Embedded Software Management needs to be integrated into Operations from Engineering to Production to Service.

We integrate your Software Engineering tool chain with your operations in ALM/ PLM/ERP/MES and diagnostic tools/flash stations – packaging your software and parameter data the way it is needed at downstream process events: Production & service, on & offsite, onboard & offboard. By this you gain full control and traceability of the effective software configuration along your processes.


Flashing & Variant Coding at Production

Software & Parameter are critical components that require their own data logistics during production.

P&PM implements solutions for order specific generation and delivery of software packages to shop floor flash stations – including fault & exception management procedures. We integrate different sources for parameterization like ALM/PLM/ERP (customer order data for example) as well as test bench results as input for device configuration processes in line with software delivery.

Updating Devices at Sales & Service Events

Repair and modification events require the right and compatible software in the field. Also Sales events for "Software as a Product" require their specific operations.

P&PM implements solutions to maintain compatible Device Packages of software for usage in the field. Also, we provide solutions for data distribution to Diagnosis Tools / Device Type Managers for diverse business scenarios onsite / offsite, onboard and offboard. Our focus is on data management procedures: Definition & maintenance of relevant data packs and their delivery to field events. This includes the mastering of compatibility / dependecy matrixes as well as solutions for software campaign management integrated into your ALM/PLM/ERP/IoT processes.


Software Variant Coding

Products & assets are more and more customized via software parameters: The amount and complexity of parameterizations significantly increases - offering many significant business opportunities.

P&PM helps you designing and implementing solutions to manage software parameters: Definition of valid parameters / parameterizations, execution of mass parameterization in Production (using ODX or IODD for instance, integrated into your SAP Variant & Order Management) or technical clarification / effectivity control of software functions via parameter in aftersales (Software as a Product). Design and Implementation of Software Functions on Demand by Software Variant Coding. We are experts in managing the data for parameter events - integrated in your operations.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes & Signal Management

Defect codes, status information etc. become increasingly relevant: The more functions are implemented via embedded software, the more codes are needed to steer the interaction of your products with end users, service technicians, remote services etc.

P&PM helps you in designing and implementing solutions to manage fault & status codes together with the relevant measures and instructions. Our expertise in regards to software parameter management helps you defining rule based patterns to automatically determine the right measures depending on the fault code and the configuration / parameterization of your device.


Digital Twin for Diagnostic Data

A Digital Twin of Diagnostic Data provides several opportunities to support Service operations: Enhance quality and speed of flash events, sell retrofit packages of software & parameter settings etc.

P&PM designs and implements solutions to write Digital Type Plates (Characterization of the product, retrievable from the device) at Production & Service events and to capture the As Built / As Maintained Configuration of Software and Parameters into a Digital Twin (central / cloud based reference of your products/assets) - based on industry standards like ODX, IODD / OPC UA for instance. Digital Twins of Diagnostic Data can be leveraged at diverse business events: Technical clarification during after sales events as well as installation processes or restore events of complex devices in the field.


Best practices for lifecycle management of Embedded Software Management.  


Production events: Deliver order specific software & parameter packages to production events.   


Service events: Repair, modify and update / upgrade devices in the field.  


Manage device / machine parameter data at diverse business events.  


Device Data Management via Cloud Native Apps:

Device Data Manager

Ready to Run: SaaS - Software as a Service Solutions

Rapid Prototyping Solutions

Customer specific implementations based on request using SAP or Cloud Native Technology


Device Parameter Manager

Customizing smart products & assets by software variant coding

Import of native device parameters based on industry standards (I/O-Link with IODD, ODX) | Offline Engineering of software functions of sensors, machines, assets or complex products | Integration of software functions with relevant business logic (variant logic of ERP for instance) | Definition of rules and constraints to automize / control parameterization processes especially during service events | Micro-service based architecture running on cloud platforms (cloud foundry) | Diverse integration options via REST and OData based APIs (ALM / PLM / ERP / MES / Diagnosis Tools / IoT-Hubs)


Available as Software as a Service.


Check our video for further information.


Check out our detailled solutions flyer.


Available via SAP Cloud Technology on request.


Device Status Code Manager

Centralized Management of Diagnostic Trouble Code Data - Enable Collaboration across the Lifecycle

Code library for DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Codes | Management of technical and related DTC data (root/detection/actions) | Management of Translations per Stakeholder Group | Supply DTC data to Software and Diagnosis Authoring | Publish DTC data to Operations | Import / Export of DTCs based on ReqIF, IODD, ODX | Diverse integration options via REST based APIs


Available as Software as a Service.


Check out our separate website with videos and more information here.


Check out our detailled solutions flyer.


Device Package Manager

Manage Compatibilities and Update Strategies for your Devices

Leverage a Digital Device Twin for Target Machine States steered by your Campaigns

Retrieval & Packaging of Software & Parameters for subsequent business events | Rule definitions for update & upgrade strategies and compatibilities | Channel & delivery control (onsite/offsite etc.) | Planning & simulation of target states via Campaign Management and Digital Twins | Central, cloud-based services to request the correct software package for restore, update and modification events | Diverse integration options via REST and OData based APIs (ALM / PLM / ERP / MES / Diagnosis Tools / IoT-Hubs)


Available as Software as a Service.


Check our video for further information.


Check out our detailled solutions flyer.


Available via SAP Cloud Technology on request.


P&PM - Product Lifecycle & Program Manufactory

P&PM is a special expertise consultancy in the area of PLM - Product Lifecycle Management.

We focus on design and implementation of Cloud Native based solutions for PLM - especially to manage embedded software along the product lifecycle.

Embedded software more and more becomes a key enabler of your products´ performance. P&PM supports you in transitioning your operations to manage the growing complexity of embedded software in your products & assets along the value chain and product lifecycle.

Our office is based near Cologne, Germany. Located in a rural area but just 15 minutes away from the airport Cologne / Bonn at the “Schloss Eulenbroich”.


Industry & Technology Expertise

Our industry focus is on the manufacturing industry, especially automotive.

P&PM is a subject matter expert for UI5 / SAP Fiori as well as Cloud Native based Applications and Services.

P&PM designs and implements full stack applications as well as microservices using latest Cloud Native, Low Code and SAP Technology.



Silver partner in the SAP PartnerEdge program

 P&PM is a silver partner in the SAP PartnerEdge program. P&PM supported diverse projects within the SAP PLM domain.

Partner in the Mendix ISV program

P&PM is a partner in the Mendix ISV program. Mendix, a Siemens Digital Industries Company, is a leading provider for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms.


P&PM Team

P&PM can leverage the experience from diverse business and IT transformation initiatives in the area of PLM - Product Lifecycle Management - on global scale.


Jens Schirpenbach

Managing director and founder of P&PM Solutions & Consulting.

Jens started his career 2001 in consulting focusing on operations transformation in the area of Engineering and Services. He gained experience along all project lifecycle stages from early strategy determination and road mapping down to system implementations with cut over. He covered diverse roles mainly as project manager and solution architect – with a strong footprint in the manufacturing industry. He managed a team for PLM at a major European consultancy. After eleven years in consulting he founded P&PM Solutions & Consulting. Jens has a joint master degree in mechanical Engineering and business administration.


Stefan Mayer

Lead Solution Architect and co-founder of P&PM Solutions & Consulting.

Stefan started his career in 2006 in the software industry in a startup before he joined in a major European consultancy. He worked on multiple projects in different industries as a senior solution architect and developer. His technology focus is with SAP / cloud native components where he developed several full stack applications on SAP NetWeaver and SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP Cloud) incorporating state of the art User Experience with UI5 amongst other. Stefan holds a diploma in computer science with focus on software engineering.



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