Agile Team Work Solutions based on SAP.



Enhancing Collaboration for Product Development Work

P&PM offers  SAP based solutions that focus on the collaboration of your product development and project team work. We intend to enhance your operations by establishing agile team work solutions - setting the focus of your teams on delivering high performing products.

The company was founded by experienced consultants in 2013 leveraging knowledge both from diverse operations transformation and application implementation projects especially within the Engineering and Service domain.

Our customers are typically from the manufacturing, automotive, aerospace or high tech industry.

P&PM - The Product & Performance Management Company.





P&PM delivers software and consulting services to enhance team collaboration at complex product development work.

P&PM was founded by senior consultants with 10+ years each professional experience leveraging the know how of multiple business transformation projects on global scale.

P&PM is focussed on discrete industries.

P&PM offers a ready to run SAP add on solution for Agile Product Development, Project Management and Requirements Management.
Objective is to  enhance the collaboration of your product development team work - leveraging agile approaches.
Our solution is fully web based focussing on best in class user experience.

P&PM provides consulting services for business and technology transformations along the product lifecycle - focussing on Engineering and Service operations.

We offer deep knowledge for operational excellence - addressing both business and technology aspects.

Our consulting services accompany our solution offering - especially in the area of agile product development.


Solution Overview - 9 Minutes.

Get an overview about the solution capabilities: How to build a structure, how to assign staff to items, how to balance workload at cycles, how to set links between items.




Manage all project related activities via an intuitive solution that truly supports your team in collaboration.

Classic project management solutions struggle to support real team work - that´s where our solution starts.

Our solution offers agile elements to enable Scrum or Kanban based processes within your project. Strong visualization capabilities support the team interaction - following visual management guidelines.

Effective team collaboration is a critical success factors for successfull projects.

Implement a true Agile Product Development approach into your operations.

Stronger digitalization of products require more and more an integration of agile approaches into classic gateway based product development processes to address the challenges of growing complexity and more and more dynamic constraints.

Focus on true team collaboration  during complex product development tasks using agile elements.

Agile Product Development puts the product in the focus - an effective requirements management is key for this strategy.

We combined classic requirements management techniques with agile elements so that you can manage your requirements via agile techniques.

Your teams gain full transparency about the effective requirements for your products.

Leverage from an industrialized approach - requirements are managed via libraries and provided for project re-use.  


We focus on delivering solutions that truly enhance the performance of your products and projects -
by providing your teams state of the art collaboration platforms for product development and project work.

Our solution can be integrated into your existing SAP PLM / PPM based landscape to add agile approaches to your operations.  

P&PM - The Product & Performance Management Company.

See our Solution Page for more details.





Combined with our solution offering we provide services to transition your team work to agile approaches.

We emphasis on a combination of classic approaches with agile elements.

We offer consulting services along business and IT transformations within the Engineering and Service domain.

Our special expertise is with the Product Lifecycle Management subject.

Leverage our technology  expertise in the area of SAP PLM and SAP NetWeaver. 

We have a proven track record along SAP technology transformations especially within the SAP PLM domain and in regards to Web UI developments related to SAP.

See our Consulting Page for more details.


Jens Schirpenbach
Stefan Mayer

Jens Schirpenbach
Managing director and founder of P&PM Solutions & Consulting.
Jens started his career 2001 in consulting focusing on operations transformation in the area of Engineering and Services. He gained experience along all project lifecycle stages from early strategy determination and road mapping down to system implementations with cut over. He covered diverse roles mainly as project manager and solution architect – with a strong footprint in the manufacturing industry. He managed a team for PLM at a major European consultancy. After eleven years in consulting he founded P&PM Solutions & Consulting.
Jens has a joint master degree in mechanical Engineering and business administration.

Stefan Mayer
Lead Solution Architect and co-founder of P&PM Solutions & Consulting.
Stefan started his career in 2006 in the software industry in a startup before he joined in a major European consultancy. He worked on multiple projects in different industries as a senior solution architect and developer. His technology focus is with SAP Netweaver where he developed several web based applications.
Stefan holds a diploma in computer science with focus on software engineering.


Our office is based near Cologne, Germany.

Located in a rural area but just 15 minutes away from the airport Cologne / Bonn we leverage the infrastructure of the event location “Schloss Eulenbroich”.

“Schloss Eulenbroich”, managed by the Schloss Eulenbroich GmbH, is a well established spot for cultural and company events in the Cologne area.

We are pleased to offer demos, workshops or trainings within this historic infrastructure.

See here for office address.

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Cologne Area, Germany

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